AOCC cares greatly about its patients and staff and we are taking great measures to keep our patients informed about all COVID-19 protocol. With this being said, we are informing all patients that a staff member recently tested positive for COVID-19. This staff member works on a separate floor than our patient care areas and has not had any contact with patients or staff that have direct patient care. Additionally, the staff member was not at work when they became symptomatic and they have not returned to the office since becoming symptomatic. Any direct contact staff members have been tested and are all negative for COVID-19. Due to these mitigation steps, our patients can rest assured that they are not at risk.

To keep our patients safe, we have in place multiple measures to enhance safety and limit spread of COVID-19 including HEPA filters in all exam rooms, the waiting room, infusion suite and business offices. Mask wearing is required of all staff and patients. All staff members have their temperature checked twice a day and all patients have their temperature checked and respond negative to a directed questionnaire before gaining access to the clinic.  We have limited the number of patients in common areas such as the waiting room and labs and, with few exceptions, only patients are allowed back in the individual exam rooms. All rooms and equipment are wiped down in between patient visits and all patient-facing staff members wear a mask, gown and gloves when interacting with patients. Social distancing is employed throughout the clinic and infusion patients now receive their treatment in a redesigned infusion suite with bacteriostatic barriers or in individual exam rooms.

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