It’s Bittersweet. After 39 Years, Dr. Maniloff is Retiring.


Over the course of his career, Dr. Maniloff made innumerable contributions to healthcare, rheumatology, and his community. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in the growth and success of AOCC. He is deeply beloved by his patients and colleagues alike for his willingness to listen and provide thorough personable care.


Dr. Maniloff would like to thank all of his patients over the years who have entrusted their care to him along with his partners, staff, and the administration that has made the past 39 years such a gratifying experience.


We know Dr. Maniloff is loved and helped many patients during his 39 years with AOCC. We welcome you to share your memories with him in the comments box below as we wish him all the best in the next phase of his life.



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After 39 Years, Dr. Maniloff is Retiring - Help Send Him Off With a Well Wish!