It’s Bittersweet. After 39 Years, Dr. Maniloff is Retiring.


Over the course of his career, Dr. Maniloff made innumerable contributions to healthcare, rheumatology, and his community. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in the growth and success of AOCC. He is deeply beloved by his patients and colleagues alike for his willingness to listen and provide thorough personable care.


Dr. Maniloff would like to thank all of his patients over the years who have entrusted their care to him along with his partners, staff, and the administration that has made the past 39 years such a gratifying experience.


We know Dr. Maniloff is loved and helped many patients during his 20 years with AOCC. We welcome you to share your memories with him in the comments box below as we wish him all the best in the next phase of his life.



  1. Anonymous

    Enjoy your retirement! Congratulations on a job well done!
    ~former patient Barbara Gore

    • Anonymous

      Please enjoy your retirement, your manner of dealing with me as a patient and understanding me I will always take to heart. Please stay the kind person that you are. DFe

      • Anonymous

        You are a very special person. Thank you for taking care of me for many years. Our visits always brightened my days. Enjoy retirement!
        Susan Martin

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the years of treatment and kindness you have given me. Enjoy your next chapter in life!!!! JRF

  2. Anonymous

    Please enjoy your retirement, your manner of dealing with me as a patient and understanding me I will always take to heart

  3. Anonymous

    I can not tell you what a wonderful, caring doctor, Dr. Maniloff is. He has been my doctor since 1994. I’m really going to miss him. But I’m happy he can retire and spend time doing what he enjoys and enjoying his loving family.
    Congratulations Dr. Maniloff on your retirement you so deserve and earned. I will truly miss you and it’s going to be hard to find a doctor to fill your shoes! You are irreplaceable!
    I will dearly miss you!
    Teresa Mulligan

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you for all the excellent care you have have provided me while your patient. You are always willing to listen and have been very thorough in my treatment for osteoporosis. I wish you the very best in your retirement. I will miss your being my physician.
    Deborah Gwyn

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations Dr.Maniloff on your retirement I thank you for your patience and the care that you have given me over the last 20 years. Best wishes to you & your family.

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve been a patient of Dr Maniloff’s for 10 years . He is a very caring doctor, a great listener, and I have always felt comfortable in his care .
    Dr Maniloff , best wishes for a well – deserved retirement ! I will miss you !

  6. Anonymous

    Dr. Maniloff I am certainly going to miss you, since you have been the most caring doctor I have come across in my 18 years living in the USA!! I wish you and your family the best and I hope you enjoy your time with things that will fulfill your life as this profession has. God bless you!!

    • Anonymous

      My husband and I are truely going to miss you, Dr. Maniloff. We are both so grateful to have found such a wonderful kind, caring, funny, knowledgeable, and professional physician. Thank you so much for taking such good care of both of us over the years. We wish you all the best with your retirement.

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you for the excellent care you have always given me through the years. Your care and concern As well as your kindness for my health has been outstanding. You are the Best! I know your patients are going to miss you deeply. Congratulations on a well deserved retirement! Enjoy it! Thank you and God Bless You!
    Ann Fortner

  8. Anonymous

    Dr. Maniloff, thank you so much for your excellent care, professionalism, abundant knowledge and fantastic bed side manner. I will greatly miss you.

    Patricia Mangiameli

  9. Anonymous

    Dr. Maniloff, I want to thank you for all of the many years of tremendous care. Your medical expertise and thoroughness is going to be sorely missed by many. Your true desire to help those who are struggling in pain has always been noticed and admired. You always took the time to listen well and provide thoughtful care for me. You truly had a calling to meet the needs of many that were just trying to have a normal day. Thank you for your friendship and management of my complicated issues. It will be hard for AOCC to replace you. I wish you the best in your retirement. You deserve many years of enjoyment with your family and friends! Sincerely, Deborah Gardner

  10. Anonymous

    A heartfelt job well done. I got to love you first, but your patients maybe loved you most of all. What a legacy. Now go and enjoy yourself, and get in bed before 4 AM!!

    Your twin brother,

    Ron Maniloff

  11. Anonymous

    I am going to miss you. I think you are a great doctor. Thank you for taking good care of me.Love you hope you will enjoy your retirement.

  12. Anonymous

    I will miss you Thank you so. Much for taking good care of me. Love you I hope you will enjoy your retirement

  13. Anonymous

    Dr. Maniloff was the best professionally and as a friend.

  14. Anonymous

    Congratulations Dr. Maniloff! Best wishes for a wonderful retirement. I will add my voice to the many others who have thanked you for many years of outstanding care. You will be missed but sincerely appreciated!

  15. Anonymous

    As I write this, I am literally crying. YOU CHANGED MY LIFE! I really thought I would be disabled for the remainder of my life, but through you and your knowledge of medicine, I live a happy and productive life all these years later. You laughed, joked, and even set me straight a couple of times, but most of all, YOU GENUINELY CARED.

    I would always tell you that I trusted your suggestions, and if you told me to eat 100 jalapeno peppers a day to get better, by golly, I would have tried to choke ’em down…lol

    I am and will forever be thankful you were put in my path.

    Take care and go and enjoy your life.

  16. Anonymous

    You truly will be miss. It has been a pleasure having you as my doctor these past 15 years. I wish you wonderful retirement.

  17. Anonymous

    Enjoy your much deserved retirement!! Thank you for diagnosing me when no one else could. You will be missed by many patients that you have helped over the years. Thank you again for everything. Take care.

  18. Anonymous

    Congratulations on your much deserved retirement! I hope you and your wife will travel and see the world once we are able! I also wish a puppy is in your new future!

    Thank you for being such a caring physician.
    Kathy P

  19. Anonymous

    Dr Maniloff is the best doctor I’ve ever had. I will miss him dearly, but I wish him all the best in his retirement. He has earned that

  20. Anonymous

    Congratulations on your retirement! Thank you so much for the care you have provided. I hope you are able to get rested up and that soon you will be able to take full advantage of this next stage of your life. You will be missed! K Spivey

  21. Anonymous

    I wish you the best in your retirement! I will truly miss you as you have provided great care for me in the 10 years since I’ve been in Charlotte! Hope to see you one of these days! I’m sure you will be missed by all of your patients!
    Susan W

  22. Anonymous

    Thank you Dr. Maniloff for taking such great care of me over the last 10 years. You have helped me manage my condition and therefore improved my quality of life. You will be missed by all that have been graced by your care, but most of all by me! I have always enjoyed our conversations and have always looked forward to our appointments. Enjoy your new chapter, making more memories and spending quality time with your family. You can retire knowing that you have improved the lives of so many people. Happy Holidays to you and yours! All my Love, Tara

  23. Anonymous

    Dr.Maniloff is the kindest, most compassionate care-giver I’ve ever had. My battle with Lupus presented challenges for both of us, yet he was constantly seeking ways to treat me when the main Lupus medication didn’t work.
    I will miss you very much, Dr.Maniloff! Thank you for listening to me and truly making me feel heard. Best wishes to you and your family as you begin this new chapter of your life!

  24. Anonymous

    I have been with Dr. Maniloff since 1994. He is a GEM of a doctor in EVERYWAY! He is a one of a kind Doctor and friend! He has helped me through many lupus health trials in my life, but most importantly he helped me to become a mother of my two precious daughters. I wish you all the happiness you deserve in your next adventure with your precious family. You will always hold a special place in my heart forever and I will miss you dearly!
    God Bless!
    Lori Watts

  25. Anonymous

    Hi Dr. Maniloff and congratulations on your retirement! We are so happy for you and your family and hope that you get to do all the things you didn’t have time to do before. You can retire knowing that you always gave your best and did your best to help your patients. Just as there is a difference in people of all professions, there is a difference in doctors too. Throughout all my health care problems, and I’ve had many, I’ve met and been treated by many physicians. Some gave me a few minutes of their time, gave me a prescription and then had to be reminded of my name and conditions over and over again. You were one of the exceptions! Not only did you listen, but you genuinely cared. You did everything you could do to help and treat me in the best way possible. You not only remembered my name–you remembered my history and you knew what worked to make me better and what didn’t. That means the world to someone who is in my position and to my wife who works constantly to help me. You’ve become a friend and we were always happy to see you and grateful for your time and help. Thank You,
    God Bless You, and
    Always Know How Much You Are Appreciated,
    Phil and Judy Zimmer

  26. Anonymous

    Dr. Maniloff-
    I hope you are enjoying your retirement and want to thank you for such wonderful care and concern as your patient. Your awareness of all aspects of my health situation was like no doctor I have I encountered. (and there has been dozens and dozens.) I wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2022. You are missed greatly!
    Brian Javits


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