Osteoporosis / Osteopenia

Osteoporosis and osteopenia are diseases marked by varying degrees of bone loss. Osteopenia occurs when your bones are much weaker than normal, but not so weak as to fracture frequently which is a key symptom of osteoporosis. Treating osteopenia can slow the progressive bone loss that leads to osteoporosis. A diagnosis can be achieved through a bone mineral density test (BMD) which measures the level of calcium in your bones. The lower the level, the more likely an individual is to sustain injuries.

Women are at higher risk for developing osteoporosis and osteopenia. Of the estimated 10 million Americans with osteoporosis, about eight million or 80% are women. Women tend to have thinner, lighter bones that are more prone to fractures. Additionally, the decrease in estrogen after menopause can lead to bone loss.

If you are concerned about your risk for developing osteoporosis or osteopenia, please speak with your AOCC provider.


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