Aging is inevitable, it happens to everyone. But we can, in some measure, offset the effects of aging by staying active. Staying active increases your flexibility and mobility as you age and also reduces your risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. 

Here are some tips for staying active into your older years:

  1. Find a regular walking buddy.
  2. Join a local gym and take group fitness classes that are catered to your age and fitness level.
  3. Ride your bike on a local greenway.
  4. Commit to learning a new sport like tennis or golf.
  5. Gardening and mowing the lawn are also great exercises.
  6. Try to limit the amount of time you spend just sitting. 
  7. Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular and full-body exercise – join a pool and swim some laps!
  8. Staying active isn’t just physical, it’s also mental! Keep your mind active by reading, taking online classes, learning a new skill, joining a book-club, etc.

Although we all age and our bodies’ change, it’s important to commit to staying active and enjoying the adventure of life! You can mitigate many of the negative aspects of aging by taking care of your body through exercise and healthy eating.