Many people will be driving in the car or perhaps taking flights over the Holidays. It can be very uncomfortable to travel with joint pain! Here are some simple and practical tips that you can implement to decrease your discomfort while traveling:

  1. Plan for Breaks! You should not sit for more than 2 hours straight before planning to stop and walk around.
  2. Stretch during the Journey! Doing some simple shoulder and neck exercises while sitting can make a big difference. Check out these ideas for your next long-haul flight.
  3. Pack your Medication! Preparation is the best way to mitigate pain.
  4. Stay hydrated. It can be tricky to stay adequately hydrated as you travel, but doing so will help your existing joint pain.
  5. Remain health conscious. Eating healthy during the holidays isn’t easy! Try to keep a balanced approach during this time. Eating a whole-foods diet can reduce inflammation.
  6. Discuss with your Doctor. If you have concerns about your upcoming travels and how it may affect your joint pain, please reach out to your doctor. We are here to help you!